Magic With Calvin: Rising Card Trick

For this trick, you need a deck of cards. The idea is to create an illusion where you make a single card rise using what looks like static electricity from...

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Put on a Play

Today’s activity is rather like taking charades up several notches to 11. It’s actually multiple activities in one, leading up to an entertaining performance that’s as much about the finale as the process. Either way, before you know it, the


Ambrosia Salad

If you were a kid in the 70’s you probably remember eating ambrosia salad for dessert; what could be better than a salad made out of marshmallows?! Naturally, this was one of the first desserts I mastered, as an adult,


Avoid the Laser Beams

Remember that movie scene when the spy or jewel thief has to maneuver acrobatically through a field of lasers and not trigger the alarm? Well, here’s similar game that’s just as much excitement. This is hours of fun that is


The Coin Through Hanky Trick

This is a great, simple trick to impress your friends and family, after a little practice to master it. It’s important to try to get in as much practice as possible – do the trick 50 times – for a