Magic With Calvin: Rising Card Trick

For this trick, you need a deck of cards. The idea is to create an illusion where you make a single card rise using what looks like static electricity from...

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5 Super Easy Craft Projects for Kids

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Into the Kitchen: The Ultimate Family Culinary Competition

  Family Time in the kitchen used to be a common occurrence.  Members would join together and create meals, each contributing a dish that they were particularly talented at creating. With everyone contributing, families were able to make dinners that


Fun Wintertime Games for the Family

It might be freezing cold outside but that’s no excuse to stay inside and have cabin fever. Wintertime is for sledding, building snow men and throwing snow balls. As long as you bundle up and stay warm the family will


The Coin Through Hanky Trick

This is a great, simple trick to impress your friends and family, after a little practice to master it. It’s important to try to get in as much practice as possible – do the trick 50 times – for a