Magic With Calvin: Rising Card Trick

For this trick, you need a deck of cards. The idea is to create an illusion where you make a single card rise using what looks like static electricity from...

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How to Make Mom a Card She’ll Love

Cards.  We buy them in the store.  We make them on the computer.  We fold pieces of paper and write a note on them.  You can come by cards in a multitude of ways.  But what is the best way


Bringing Out the Old Recipe Book

When Mother Nature decides it’s time for children and parents to go inside because of rain, it’s time to find other things to do to keep busy. You could always plant you and the kids in front of the TV


Fun Indoor Games for Large Groups

When a large group meets for a time, it can either be exhilarating and enjoyable, or dreadfully drab and dull.  Whichever one it may be often falls to the actions of the host or organizers.  This can create a great


The Coin Through Hanky Trick

This is a great, simple trick to impress your friends and family, after a little practice to master it. It’s important to try to get in as much practice as possible – do the trick 50 times – for a